Policies & Procedures

Customized Policies & Procedures, Forms & Manual Development

Go Green! – In recent years, companies have hired M & M Healthcare Group to transition and update all of their manuals electronically.

The paperless process becomes more organized, less expensive, and much easier for each Executive Director to use than a hard copy manual that constantly needs to be updated. We do all the work to PDF each document so no one at the entity level can change the content for legal protection. Our documents and manuals can be given to you to place on a company drive or we can offer Cloud hosting and constant updating as needed. The Cloud-based system would provide 24/7 access to your managed documents so that all changes would immediately be available to all users in real time.

We tailor all our work to each company rather than provide “stock” policies and forms. We operated many Assisted Living homes and managed an entire Division with HR, Nursing, Maintenance, Sales and Operations for Assisted Living and Memory Care. We have worked with and for two of the top 10 nationwide public companies.  Clients trust us for a quick and accurate turnaround due to our expertise of operating and managing Assisted Living and Memory Care communities.

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