Cost & Benefits of Outsourcing

Cost/ Benefits for Outsourcing Policy, Procedure and Forms Work:

1. We could do the project in half the amount of manpower and half the time because this is our area of expertise. We also know the industry standards and state requirements, therefore, cutting the cost of 2 or 3 salaried people working together discussing the best practice or researching state requirements. The hourly rate for three people vs. ours is higher and no extra benefits are required.

2. All current policies/forms will be updated and consistent/standardized throughout the Company. Company policies/forms are the foundation to tailor your state-specific policy requirements.

3. Paper-based forms and policies are delivered in Word for easy editing at a later date. A Company drive can be set up for all employees to download the latest version reducing any chance of older versions being utilized. All forms will have title matches within the P & P’s and will be alphabetized within the Department Indexes.

4. Liability is reduced by consistency. PDF versions are provided that do not allow for changes in the field, therefore, achieving quality control Company-wide.

5. Vice President, Regional and Specialist time can be used to implement policies rather than writing, editing and tailoring to state- specific regulations.

6. Revenue increases because we review procedures that the communities are using for pricing and charges. We often see where homes are charging different rates, arriving at different assessment fees, or billing for ancillary charges in inconsistent ways.

7. Expenses are reduced with consistent purchasing practices in Dietary, Maintenance and other departments that may use third-party vendors.

8. Quality is enhanced from the standardization of care delivery. QA audits can be completed in a more timely fashion and care delivery is consistent, therefore, eventually saving time spent at the Regional and Corporate level trying to ensure that systems are the same for each home. The ability to take on a new acquisition is much more efficient.

9. The first impression a company has when a building is acquired tends to be with the residents and the Department of Health. Ownership and licensure changes granted by the Departments of Health, and reviewed with residents and their families, are communicated FIRST in the Company’s contract, policies, procedures and forms. Spectrum’s quality of care and philosophy is evident in this early stage of paper-based information given to both of these parties.

10. M & M Healthcare specializes in policy, procedure, forms and system management with over 30 years experience. We are very efficient and can get the development of policies and assist with the implementation in less time. Internal staff cannot complete this type of work while on the road, solving other operational issues and doing their current job as efficiently and as cost effectively. The work can be tedious and requires concentration and attention to detail. We have the ability to complete the work as our sole focus and maintain the “industry standards” for IL, AL and MC.